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Here i document all my design projects. These projects are large in size and i have managed to curated it like a case study.
⚠️ For other small projects that i like to when i am free are available in Crafts
Product Design
Innovative Partner For Your Competitive Learning
Role: Product Designer
Deliverables: Landing Website, Product Design
Mixim Icons
A community-driven icons library empowering design and development communities to create better products.
Role: Product Designer
Deliverables: Branding, Landing Website, Product Design, Promo Video
Mixim Notes
Simple yet powerfull, Note-taking app for productive minds.
Role: Product Designer
Deliverables: Brand Design, Landing Website, Product Design, Intro Video
Product Design
Myra ERP
A simple, secure and shared digital platform that connects co-workers with technology
Role: UX Designer
Deliverables: Branding, Product Design
This portfolio is an ongoing project. Portfolios are like laundry, they're never truly done. But I'll keep adding new things as I have time. Follow me on social media to see what's new!
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