Focusing with Distractions

Do you recall a time before to the internet? when you have more things to accomplish in the real world and fewer online activities.

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Nov 27, 2022
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Do you recall a time before to the internet? when you have more things to accomplish in the real world and fewer online activities.

I recall that I used to work diligently on my studies, hobbies, and games. In the modern world, I nearly always have a device in my hands or on my lap. I receive a lot of notifications, emails, chats, and feeds. Ignoring everything while focusing is impossible.

After working on anything for 2, 3 hours, I realized the outcomes weren’t what I had hoped for. On occasion, when I’m under pressure or have a tight deadline, I tend to have a breakthrough moment where my level of focus is tremendous and it feels great.

Yes, I am referring to Focus. We are aware of what, when, and how to perform a task. However, in actuality, we are less productive when we are distracted and have less attention.

In fact, I’m writing this blog post while being interrupted by mails, notifications, traffic noise, and other things. But even so, I managed to come up with ideas, write, and design in just two hours. What then, am I doing differently?

I am focusing while being distracted.

I’ll tell you how. You’ve probably come across several answers to the question, “How to focus?” Eliminate Distractions, work in a quiet space, exercise, take breaks and many more.

Did that work? I guess not in my case. Every point is valid and applicable, however for some reason it didn’t work.

Later, I realized that I can’t stop distractions and other influences. We must work in teams, possibly have many social media accounts, communicate with many people, and sell our attention to major digital companies because we live in a busy environment.

I try hard to be more focused person, which never happens but still, I have four tips to share.

Practice Concentration

“If you can’t Concentrate, you can’t manifest.”

Our minds frequently change topics. Our minds wander as we work or study and automatically return. We do make an effort to focus, yet somehow we can’t. It’s because no one ever taught us how to focus.

Here are some activities that you can perform to work on concentration.

While you are talking to someone just pay attention to that person. If you find yourself checking your mobile phone refocus and pay attention.

Try to do one thing at a time.

If you coding just code, I don’t recommend listening to lyrical music. As you are listening and coding you unknowingly divide your attention to both things. That may reduce your concentration. These days I don’t listen to music while concentrating. It’s always me and the work.

De-Clutter your Surrounding

“Have less things around you, so you have less distractions to deal with.”

If you have things in your workspaces like a pen, food, glass of water, or phone beside your Laptop/PC, you will unconsciously notice all the things. If something triggers you like a notification on a phone, the sight of food. Your awareness will drift instantly.

Well, it’s difficult but I do these to de-clutter my workspace.

  • I open only that software, and the tabs I need.

  • I turn on DND(Do Not Disturb) mode to avoid push notifications.

  • Minimal Environment.

  • Wireless Devices (Earphones, Mouse & Unplugged Charger if full)

Calm your Mind

“If you calm your mind, it will start to work on your behalf.”

Ever done something under a high-pressure and a short deadline before? I’ve done few times and trust me you will panic. Our mind is fully aware of our situation and surrounding. If we don’t be calm, it will react accordingly. Eg. Public Speaking

During speaking to a large group of people, we get so many thoughts at a time. We forgot the script, and objectives and become nervous. Instead, taking a long breath, being comfortable, and narrowing thoughts helps to deliver.

Embrace Distraction

“In the world where everyone wants your time and attention, rather than ignoring, you should embrace and allocate needed time and space.”

Embracing doesn’t mean you should accept it but accept it in such a way that it can help you to get something. Distraction-less focus is impossible. You need to learn to refocus rather than focus.

What you can do?

**Schedule time for distraction. **You cannot turn off your phone, or things. The modern world needs to know things and connect with people. You can schedule time for such distractions like I’ll check my messages after 2 hours. I will reply tonight. It will buy us some time to focus.

Say later to distraction “I will worry about it later.” is such a powerful statement. I believe you have the ability to do things tomorrow. We love to reschedule things for tomorrow, right? So, you should shift your distraction to later.

While writing this blog, I was distracted, which I am aware of. I changed my focus so many times, and I also did so much in between. I’ve been practicing focusing while employing distractions and odds, and I think you can too.

If you have queries, feel free to email or dm. I would love to answer as i can.

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