The Power of Showing Up

My Unexpected Lessons in Learning

Anjil ✨
Jan 23, 2024
2 min read

Ever feel like you have a million ideas swirling in your head, but never quite get around to doing anything about them? Yeah, me too. But guess what? I made a small step – a messy, sometimes wobbly step, but a step nonetheless – and it led me to something pretty awesome.

Let me rewind a bit. Last year, I stumbled upon this crazy challenge called Inktober. Basically, you draw something every day for the whole month of October, based on a list of wild and wacky prompts. Now, I wasn't exactly a seasoned artist, but something about the daily push – the "just show up" mentality – resonated with me. So, I grabbed my trusty pen (okay, it was a tablet pen, but let's not get technical) and dove in.

The journey wasn't always smooth. My drawings weren't masterpieces, and some days, creativity felt like a stubborn mule refusing to budge. But here's the thing: I kept showing up. Even when the results were less than "Insta-worthy", I learned something new every time. A dabble with brushes revealed unexpected color combinations. A wonky sketch taught me a secret about proportions. And most importantly, I rediscovered the simple joy of making something, anything, from scratch.

This wasn't just about conquering Inktober (though, I gotta say, finishing that 31-day marathon felt pretty darn good). It was about proving to myself that starting, even amidst stumbles and squiggles, is the magic ingredient to learning. It's about embracing the messy process, the trial and error, the "happy accidents" that sometimes lead to the most beautiful outcomes.

So, the next time you feel overwhelmed by a big dream or intimidated by a new skill, remember this: just show up. Take one step, no matter how small. Grab a paintbrush, write a sentence, pick up a new instrument – anything that sparks that tiny flame of curiosity inside you. Because trust me, the journey of learning, while messy and unpredictable, is also incredibly rewarding. You might surprise yourself with what you can create, and even more importantly, what you can learn along the way.

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